Revolutionary Diaper Insert with Leg and Back Elastics: Keep Your Wool Covers Clean and Reduce Laundry Hassles.

Introducing our innovative diaper insert featuring leg and back elastics, designed to keep your wool diaper cover clean, especially during those messy moments such as newborn stage when poop tends to be runny.

This insert serves as a valuable asset, reducing the frequency of wool cover washes and minimizing the need for spare covers. With less time spent on laundering, and cleaner covers at each diaper change, it offers convenience and efficiency to busy parents.

Equipped with a front pocket, this insert accommodates muslin flats or other suitable inserts folded into rectangles. Simply attach with a diaper clip or Snappi, or opt to use it without—thanks to the secure design, the diaper cover will effectively hold the insert in place.

Experience the ease and effectiveness of our special diaper insert—keeping your little one clean and comfortable while simplifying your diapering routine.

How to use:

Please note: Snappi and muslin inserts are not included with this inner diaper and must be purchased separately.

Kindly remember that this inner diaper requires a moisture-repellent cover, such as a Pisi Wool Diaper Cover, for optimal performance.

S (newborn)     3-7kg (6.6-15.4 lbs)
M (One Size)  6-16kg (13.2-35.3 lbs)
The S size insert is compatible with both S and M wool diaper covers, while the M size insert is compatible with M and L wool diaper covers.
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Instructions for Use:
Begin by folding the diaper insert (e.g muslin) into a rectangle and placing it into the front pocket. Secure it in place, then adjust the elastics to sit comfortably at the underpants line between the legs. Finally, cover with a moisture-repellent diaper cover for complete protection.

Composition of White Insert: Crafted from 100% unbleached raw cotton fabric. Sourced as remnants from the fabric industry, this material is repurposed to breathe new, valuable life into unused textiles.

Composition of Olive Green and Orange Insert: Made from 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane, this insert boasts GOTS Organic certification, ensuring its quality and sustainability.

Washing Instructions: Prior to use, it is recommended to wash the inserts. Machine washable at 60°C/140°F with similar colors, and line dry for optimal care.

Feedback from a customer:
"Super invention! When I told my husband that this time I'm going to try to use wool diapers from the beginning with the second child, he thought I was crazy and thought that all I do is wash these wool covers. And even though the baby really poops a lot, so far I haven't had to no (!!) covers to wash! We've been using them for about 2 weeks and I couldn't be more satisfied! :) "

Estimated delivery times:
US, Canada, Australia 2-3 weeks
EU 1-1.5 weeks