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I'm Piret, the creator of Pisi merino wool diapers. I love nature and natural life, clean food and fresh air. I am a woman, wife to my husband and mother to my two sons. I live in the middle of the wonderful nature of Laulasmaa, Estonia.

Introducing Pisi Wool Diapers: A Gift to My Sons and Nature

Our journey with cloth diapers began with synthetic PUL fabric, a common choice at the time. However, our commitment to avoiding plastic in our home prompted a search for a more natural alternative.

The discovery of wool diapers intrigued me, although initially, the lanolinizing process seemed daunting. Yet, upon finally embracing wool, I found myself captivated by its natural, breathable, and beautiful qualities—a true reflection of nature.

Transitioning from PUL to wool wasn't seamless for my husband and me. While I adjusted to the absence of inner pockets, he longed for the convenience they offered. Determined to stick to wool, I embarked on a mission to create a solution that would cater to our family's needs.

After extensive testing and development, our innovative wool diapers came to fruition in the spring of 2020. They not only provide the benefits of wool but also feature inner pockets—a first in the world of wool diapers.

Wool, with its self-cleaning properties and minimal need for washing, has proven to be a game-changer. Its lanolin content breaks down urine, ensuring hygiene and cost-effectiveness.

With a plethora of diaper options available, we aimed to offer a choice that excites us and aligns with our values.

Our venture wouldn't be possible without the support of my husband, our skilled seamstress, and, of course, our sons—who eagerly participate in testing and packing. Gratitude extends to our loyal customers whose feedback and encouragement fuel our passion.

The inception of the Pisi brand dates back over a decade when my mother and I crafted reusable shopping bags. It combines our names- Piret and Sirje.

The heart symbol holds special significance for us—a representation of love that permeates our home in various forms. Our logo—a muslin cloth folded into a heart—symbolizes the love for cloth diapers that inspired this venture.

Pisi Wool Diapers stand as a testament to our commitment to our sons, the environment, and the shared journey of parenthood with families worldwide.